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Karagiannis Karatzopoulos S.A.

Founded in 1966, Karagiannis Karatzopoulos S.A. is the largest film company in Greece; It owns movie masterpieces and plays a major role in Greece’s cinematic history.

Finos Film

This iconic Greek film company holds the copyrights to dozens of successful movies that were massive hits. The company remains an active participant in current productions.

Cosmote TV

COSMOTE TV is OTE Group’s pay TV service, currently holding the leading position in Greece. It is a fully blown broadcasting unit offering its linear and on demand services through DTH, IPTV and OTT.


Forthnet is a top provider of bundled home entertainment and communication services, offering a wide range of Pay-TV, broadband internet and telephony services under the brand Nova.


Sportplus is a Pay-TV platform offering sport broadcasting services across USA, Canada and Australia. With their vast portfolio of events, Sportplus is among the top popular media for the Greeks abroad.

Rosebud 21

Rosebud.21 is a boutique art distribution company with more than 25 years overall experience and passion for the good films and quality cinema.


CYTAVISION is the Pay-TV department of CYTA, the leading provider of telecommunication services in Cyprus. Cytavision offers top quality sport content providing outstanding services to its subscribers.


PAOK-TV is the OTT web platform, created by PAOK F.C. in order to provide live games and multiple media content to PAOK fans and sports enthusiasts in all over the world.

Charlton Ltd.

Charlton LTD is the parent company behind the Pay-TV channels Sport1, Sports2, Sports3, Sports4, the leading ones and game-changers on the sports media rights distribution area in Israel and Middle-East.

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