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We protect the best events and the most iconic media items for the world’s greatest Organizations. We use AI technology to help creators make amazing things. We are working hard to reach higher goals, offer outstanding services and get more happy clients world wide.

Sports, Cinema, TV, Music, Live Events… Our unique business model is being tailored on any content special needs; Live or Library, mediastalker is the weapon you must always have in your armory. As main or complementary solution, mediastalker is here to save the day and keep your content yours.

around the world


South America

We are active in Brasil and other south America countries by protecting domestic and international sports media rights

North America

Our clients in United States and Canada are having copyrights in need of protection


Mediastalker is based in Europe; We have strong presence at all media sectors, spread all over the continent.

Middle East

We are very successful in this area, especially in the Cybersecurity Nation Israel where we are doing remarkable work

Asia /Pacific

Active in the East with a client in Singapore, willing to further expand on both clients and content under protection

  • Theatrikes Skines
  • Global Sports Rights Management
  • Karagiannis Karatzopoulos S.A.
  • Charlton Ltd
  • Finos Film
  • Cosmote TV
  • Rosebud 21
  • Nova
  • Film Trade
  • Carousel Films
  • Sportplus
  • Seven Films
  • Cytavision
  • ZEUS Sports Marketing Group
  • Underdog Entertainment
  • People Entertainment Group
  • Poreia Theatre
  • Spentzos Film
  • Ant1 TV
  • Star TV
  • Spring Media
  • Cinobo
  • More to be announced soon...
Confederação Brasileira de Futebol

"We have been incredibly impressed by their dedication and professionalism
and their hard work has helped us preserve the exclusivity of our product throughout the world… "


"Mediastalker is undoubtedly the best possible solution for the fight against online piracy
and we feel proud that we collaborate closely with them by sharing our technical resources and expertise…. "

Charlton Ltd

"When Mediastalker knocked on our door, we appreciated thair approach and professionalism,
but we didn't expect their overall effectiveness over other established antipiracy solutions… "

Charlton Ltd.
Cosmote TV

"We use all the known techniques and alternatives to protect our copyrights.
We see from month to month how their AI algorithm is getting stronger, continuously increases its performance and scalability…"

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